College Physics 2.21 – Deceleration of a ball caught in a mitt

A well-thrown ball is caught in a well-padded mitt. If the deceleration of the ball is 2.10×104 m/s2, and 1.85 ms (1 ms = 10-3 s) elapses from the time the ball first touches the mitt until it stops, what was the initial velocity of the ball?


The formula in solving for the initial velocity is

\displaystyle \text{v}_0=\text{v}-\text{at}

Substitute the given values

\displaystyle \text{v}_0=0\:\text{m/s}-\left(-2.10\times 10^4\text{ m/s}^2\right)\left(1.85\times 10^{-3}\:\text{s}\right)

\displaystyle \text{v}_0=38.85\:\text{m/s}