College Physics 2.22 – Muzzle velocity of a bullet

A bullet in a gun is accelerated from the firing chamber to the end of the barrel at an average rate of 6.20×105 m/s2 for 8.10×10-4 s . What is its muzzle velocity (that is, its final velocity)?


The muzzle velocity of the bullet is computed as follows:

\displaystyle \text{v}=\text{v}_0+\text{at}

\displaystyle \text{v}=0\:\text{m/s}+\left(6.20\times 10^5\text{ m/s}^2\right)\left(8.10\times 10^{-4}\:\text{s}\right)

\displaystyle \text{v}=502\:\text{m/s}

Therefore, the muzzle velocity, or final velocity, is 502 m/s.