College Physics 2.25 – Deceleration of a race runner

At the end of a race, a runner decelerates from a velocity of 9.00 m/s at a rate of 2.00 m/s2.

(a) How far does she travel in the next 5.00 s?

(b) What is her final velocity?

(c) Evaluate the result. Does it make sense?


Part A

For this part, we use the formula \text{x}=\text{x}_0\text{t}+\text{v}_0\text{t}+\frac{1}{2}\text{a}\text{t}^2.




Part B

The final velocity can be determined using the formula \text{v}=\text{v}_0+\text{at}




Part C

The result says that the runner starts at the rate of 9 m/s and decelerates at 2 m/s2. After some time, the velocity is already negative. This does not make sense because if the velocity is negative, that means that the runner is already running backwards.