Problem 1-18| General Principles| Engineering Mechanics: Statics| RC Hibbeler

Using the SI system of units, show that Eq. 1–2 is a dimensionally homogeneous equation which gives F in newtons. Determine to three significant figures the gravitational force acting between two spheres that are touching each other. The mass of each sphere is 200 kg and the radius is 300 mm.


To prove that F is in Newtons, we have

F=G\cdot \frac{m_1m_2}{r^2}=\left(\frac{m^3}{kg\cdot s^2}\right)\left(\frac{kg\cdot kg}{m^2}\right)=\frac{kg\cdot m}{s^2}=N

Now, if we substitute the given values into the equation

F=66.73\left(10^{-12}\right)\left[\frac{200\left(200\right)}{0.6^2}\right]=7.41\left(10^{-6}\right)N=7.41\mu N