Problem 1-21| General Principles| Engineering Mechanics: Statics| RC Hibbeler

If a man weighs 155 lb on earth, specify (a) his mass in slugs, (b) his mass in kilograms, and (c) his weight in newtons. If the man is on the moon, where the acceleration due to gravity is gm=5.30 ft/s², determine (d) his weight in pounds, and (e) his mass in kilograms.



a) m=\frac{155}{32.2}=4.81\:slug

b) m=155\left[\frac{14.59\:kg}{32.2}\right]=70.2\:kg

c) W=155\left(4.4482\right)=689\:N

d) W=155\left(\frac{5.30}{32.2}\right)=25.5\:lb

e) m=155\left(\frac{14.59\:kg}{32.2}\right)=70.2\:kg