Grantham PHY220 Week 2 Problem 3

A bullet is fired from a gun at a shooting range. The bullet hits the ground after 0.32 seconds. How far did it travel horizontally and vertically in this time if it was fired at a velocity of 1100 m/s?


Assuming that the gun was fired horizontally.

Consider the horizontal component of the motion.


\Delta x=V_{0_x}t=\left(1100\:m/s\right)\left(0.32\:s\right)=352\:m

Consider the vertical component.


\Delta y=V_{0_y}t-\frac{1}{2}gt^2=0-\frac{1}{2}\left(9.80\:m/s^2\right)\left(0.32\:s\right)^2=-0.50

The negative sign of  \Delta y means that the bullet went downward.

Therefore, the bullet traveled 352 m horizontally and 0.50 m vertically downward in 0.32 seconds.