College Physics 2.54 – A ball passing through a window

A ball is thrown straight up. It passes a 2.00-m-high window 7.50 m off the ground on its path up and takes 1.30 s to go past the window. What was the ball’s initial velocity?


The time it takes the ball to reach the top of the window, at a height of 9.5 m, will be the amount of time it takes to reach the bottom of the window, plus the time to traverse the window, 1.30 s. So let’s denote the time to the top of the window as t_{top}, and the time to the bottom of the window t_{B}. We then have t_{top}=t_B+1.30. We will call the height to the bottom of the window y_1, and the height to the top of  the window y_2

Then we have



We also have an equation for y_1,



So, now we have three equations in 3 unknowns \left(t_B,\:t_{top},\:and\:v_0\right). Solving, we get the value of  v_o=14.5\:m/s

The ball’s initial velocity is 14.5 m/s.