Rectilinear Kinematics: Continuous Motion| Engineering Mechanics| Dynamics| RC Hibbeler| Problem 12.1

A baseball is thrown downward from a 50-ft tower with an initial speed of Determine the speed at which it hits the ground and the time of travel. SOLUTION: $latex v_2^2=v_1^2+2a_c\left(s_2-s_1\right)&s=2&fg=000000$ $latex v_2^2=\left(18\right)^2+2\left(32.2\right)\left(50-0\right)&s=2&fg=000000$ $latex v_2=59.532\:ft/s&s=2&fg=000000&bg=8DB600$   $latex v_2=v_1+a_ct&s=2&fg=000000$ $latex 59.532=18+32.2\left(t\right)&s=2&fg=000000$ $latex t=1.29\:s&s=2&fg=000000&bg=8DB600$    

Dynamics ENGR 212-Ecampus| Oregon State University| Assignment #1 Ver. A

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Scalars and Vectors

What are the important points when dealing with scalars and vectors? I have summarized down below some four important concepts you need to know when solving problems involving scalars and vectors. A scalar can be a negative or positive number. Scalar has magnitude but without direction. A vector is a quantity that has a magnitude, … Continue reading Scalars and Vectors