Elementary Algebra (Algebra 1)

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Elementary Algebra
Author(s): Wade Ellis, Denny Burzynski
Publisher: Connexions
Elementary Algebra
Author(s): Charles P. McKeague
Publisher: Brooks Cole, Year: 2011
Elementary & Intermediate Algebra, 3rd Edition
Author(s): George Woodbury
Publisher: Addison Wesley, Year: 2011
Elementary Algebra
Author(s): Denny Burzynski, Wade Ellis
Publisher: Saunders College Publishing , Year: 1989

Elementary and Intermediate Algebra, 5th Edition,
Author(s): Alan S. Tussy, R. David Gustafson
Publisher: Brooks Cole, Year: 2012
Elementary Algebra
8th Edition
Author(s): Jerome E. Kaufmann, Karen L. Schwitters
Publisher: Cengage Learning, Year: 2006
Elementary Algebra
Author(s): Laura Bracken, Ed Miller
Publisher: Cengage Learning, Year: 2013
Elementary Algebra and Calculus
Author(s): Larissa Franklin

Elementary Algebra
2nd Edition
Author(s): Charles P. McKeague (Auth.)
Publisher: Elsevier Inc, Academic Press Inc, Year: 1981
Elementary algebra
3rd Edition
Author(s): Charles P McKeague
Publisher: Academic Press College Division, , Elsevier Inc, Year: 1986
Algebra, an Elementary Textbook for the Higher Classes of Secondary Schools and for Colleges: Volume II
Author(s): G. Chrystal
Series: AMS Chelsea Publishing
Publisher: American Mathematical Society, Year: 1999
Elementary Algebra
Author(s): J. Hamblin Smith
Publisher: A. Miller, Year: 1877