Higher Algebra (Linear, Abstract, & Boolean)

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A Book of Abstract AlgebraCharles C. Pinter2nd (1990)[download epub] [download pdf]
A Concrete Introduction to Higher AlgebraLindsay N. Childs3rd[download]
A course in Universal AlgberaS. Burris & H.P. SankappanavarMillenium[download]
Abstract Algebra: An IntroductionThomas W. Hungerford3rd (2012)[download]
Advanced Linear Algebra for Engineers with MatlabDianat & Saber2009[download]
Advanced Modern AlgebraJoseph J. Rotman1st[download]
An Introduction to Linear AlgebraAgarwal & Flaut2017[download]
Basic Linear AlgebraAndrew Baker1st[download]
Contemporary Abstract AlgebraJoseph A. Gallian9th (2017)[download]
Discovering Advanced Algebra An Investigative ApproachJerald Murdock, Ellen Kamischke & Eric Kamischke1st[download]
Elementary Linear AlgebraAnton & Rorres11th (2014)[download]
Elementary Linear AlgebraKenneth Kuttler1st[download]
Elementary Linear Algebra Ron Larson8th (2017)[download]
Elementary Linear Algebra with Applications and LabsKolman & Hill9th (Customed)[download]
Fundamentals of Linear AlgebraMarcel B. Finan1st[download]
Fundamentals of Linear Algebra and Analytic Geometry (djvu)Bugrov & Nikolsky1st[download djvu]
Introduction to Linear AlgebraGilbert Strang3rd[download]
Introduction to Linear AlgebraGilbert Strang4th[download]
Introduction to Linear Algebra for Science and EngineeringNorman & Wolczuk2nd[download]
Linear AlgebraDawkins2007[download]
Linear Algebra and its ApplicationsDavid C. Lay4th (2012)[download]
Linear Algebra and its ApplicationsDavid C. Lay5th (2016)[download]
Linear Algebra for Computational Sciences and EngineeringFerrante Neri2016[download]
Linear Algebra for DummiesMary Jane Sterling2009[download]
Linear Algebra Done RightSheldon Axler3rd (2015)[download]
Linear Algebra: A Modern IntroductionDavid Poole3rd (2010)[download]
Linear Algebra: Algorithms, Applications and TechniquesBronson, Costa, & Saccoman3rd (2014)[download]
Linear Algebra: Step by StepKuldeep Singh2014[download]
Ones and Zeros: Understanding Boolean Algebra, Digital Circuits, and the Logic of SetsJohn R. Gregg1998[download]
Schaum’s Outline of Theory and Problems of Linear AlgebraLipschutz & Lipson1991[download]
Tensor Algebra and Tensor Analysis for Engineers: With Applications to Continuum MechanicsMikhail Itskov2007[download]