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5 Steps to a 5 — AP Physics 1: Algebra-Based 2017Greg Jacobs3rd (2016)[download epub]
5 Steps to a 5 – AP Physics 2: Algebra-Based 2017Christopher Bruhn3rd (2016)[download epub]
College PhysicsOpenstax College1st[download]
College Physics for AP CoursesOpenstax1st (2015)[download]
Physics Principles with ApplicationsDouglas C. Giancoli7th[download]
Principles of Physics: From Quantum Field Theory to Classical MechanicsNi Jun(2014)[download]
University PhysicsOpenstaxVol. 1[download]
University PhysicsOpenstaxVol. 2[download]
University PhysicsOpenstaxVol. 3[download]
University Physics with Modern PhysicsYoung & Freedman12th[download]
University Physics with Modern PhysicsYoung and Freedman14th (2016)[download]

You can go to this Google Drive Folder to access the complete Physics Textbooks (even non-engineering Physics are there).