Supply plane dropping a package of food| Projectile Motion| Physics

A supply plane needs to drop a package of food to scientists working on a glacier in Greenland. The plane flies 200 m above the glacier at a speed of 190 m/s.

The direction of Velocity at Various Times in Flight for Projectile Motion| University Physics

Alex, a mountaineer, must make it across a wide crevasse. Alex runs horizontally off the edge and successfully makes it to the other side of the crevasse, which is below the point from which he takes off, as shown in the figure.

Projectile Motion| University Physics

A rock thrown with speed 12.0 m/s and launch angle 30.0 ∘ (above the horizontal) travels a horizontal distance of d = 17.0 m before hitting the ground. From what height was the rock thrown? Use the value g = 9.800 m/s2 for the free-fall acceleration.

Velocity in a Moving Frame| University Physics

You are attempting to row across a stream in your rowboat. Your paddling speed relative to still water is 3.0 m/s (i.e., if you were to paddle in water without a current, you would move with a speed of 3.0 m/s ). You head off by rowing directly north, across the stream. Assume that the stream flows east at 4.0 m/s, determine how far downstream of your starting point you will finally reach the opposite shore if the stream is 6.0 meters wide.

Rank the diagrams according to the x-component of the acceleration| University Physics

The figure below shows six different motion diagrams. The separation between dots is in the same scale in all diagrams, and the time interval between dots is also the same for all of them. The direction of the positive x-axis is also shown. Rank the diagrams according to the x-component of the acceleration. (Positive is greater than negative)