College Physics Problem 1.2.6

What is the height in meters of a person who is 6 ft 1.0 in. tall? (Assume that 1 meter equals 39.37 in.)


First, convert 6 ft to inches

\displaystyle 6\:ft=\left(6\:ft\right)\left(\frac{12\:in}{1\:ft}\right)=72\:in

Add the 1.0 inch

\displaystyle 72\:in\:+1\:in=73\:inches

So, the total height of the person is 73 inches. We convert this to meters to come up with the desired unit.

\displaystyle 73\:in=\left(73\:in\right)\left(\frac{1\:m}{39.37\:in}\right)=1.85\:m

So, the height of the person is 1.85 meters.           ☚