Falling Objects| Kinematics| Dropped Object| College Physics| Problem 2.52

An object is dropped from a height of 75.0 m above ground level. (a) Determine the distance traveled during the first second.


Falling Objects| Kinematics| Rock from a cliff| College Physics| Problem 2.51

Standing at the base of one of the cliffs of Mt. Arapiles in Victoria, Australia, a hiker hears a rock break loose from a height of 105 m. He can’t see the rock right away but then does, 1.50 s later. (a) How far above the hiker is the rock when he can see it? (b) How much time does he have to move before the rock hits his head?

College Physics by Openstax Problem 2.32

A woodpecker’s brain is specially protected from large decelerations by tendon-like attachments inside the skull. While pecking on a tree, the woodpecker’s head comes to a stop from an initial velocity of 0.600 m/s in a distance of only 2.00 mm.