Probability & Statistics for Engineers & Scientists | 8th Edition | Ronald Walpole et. al. | Complete Solution Guides

I. Introduction to Statistics and Data Analysis

II. Probability

III. Random Variables and Probability Distribution

IV. Mathematical Expectation

V. Some Discrete Probability Distributions

VI. Some Continuous Probability Distribution

VII. Functions of Random Variables

VIII. Fundamental Sampling Distributions and Data Descriptions

IX. One- and Two-Sample Estimation Problems

X. One- and Two-Sample Tests of Hypotheses

XI. Simple Linear Regression and Correlation

XII. Multiple Linear Regression and Certain Nonlinear Regression Models

XIII. One-Factor Experiments: General

XIV. Factorial Experiments (Two or More Factors)

XV. 2^k Factorial Experiments and Fractions

XVI. Non-parametric Statistics

XVII. Statistical Quality Control

XVIII. Bayesian Statistics