College Physics Problem 1.36

Assuming one nerve impulse must end before another can begin, what is the maximum firing rate of a nerve in impulses per second?

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College Physics Problem 1.35

(a) Calculate the number of cells in a hummingbird assuming the mass of an average cell is ten times the mass of a bacterium.

(b) Making the same assumption, how many cells are there in a human?

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College Physics Problem 1.32

Calculate the approximate number of atoms in a bacterium. Assume that the average mass of an atom in the bacterium is ten times the mass of a hydrogen atom. (Hint: The mass of a hydrogen atom is on the order of 10-27 kg; and the mass of a bacterium is on the order of 10-15 kg)

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College Physics Problem 1.31

How many times longer than the mean life of an extremely unstable atomic nucleus is the lifetime of a human? (Hint: The lifetime of an unstable atomic nucleus is on the order of  10-22 s .)

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